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The author is a founding partner of the Chi-Do Association trading as The Chi Clinic.  Tony Hardiman was born on the 31st August 1941 and has experienced the sensations of Chi Healing since the age of 5.  His martial arts training from 1958 complemented and brought to fruition the skills of Bone Setting that he learned whilst still at school in 1954.


He trained as an engineer, a building maintenance surveyor and was quasi director of a large property company until 1989.  He ran his own consultancy from 1989 until the opening of the Chi Clinic in 1999.  He is a former Scrivener of London, Freeman of the City of London, past Master of a London Lodge of Freemasons and is actively involved in the tuition of lifestyle and health practices.  He is skilled in Martial arts and is the founder of a style that encompasses the very best in what he has learned over the years.


Having studied the arts of Karate, Judo, Aikido, Tai Chi and Chi Kung he founded an art that is the root of the martial arts now taught at the Chi Clinic, known as Chi-Do.  He is seen as the Master of Chi-Do and was accorded that rank by his peers in 1999.


As soon as he started to train with the masters in 1958, he saw that the tenets of Chinese and Japanese arts would not easily transpose to the Western mind.  The 3000 year culture was not understood and in many cases, reviled or viewed with superstition and prejudice.  There was little or no respect shown by the public or the medical establishment and the arts remained a closed shop within the martial arts until 1985.


He then commenced an in depth study of self tuition in Anatomy, Physiology and the causes of illness with the aid of several medical friends and acquaintances.  The Chinese masters were very secretive and having fled the pogroms of the regime in China, were not even keen to give their names, let alone teach a white man.  Only by perseverance and demonstration of skills was Mr Hardiman able to glean the necessary guidance.  He was attuned * by two separate masters and has practised Chi Kung,  Martial arts and Chinese Chi Kung remedial and lymphatic drainage massage for 40 years.


He was examined by two masters and admitted to the prestigious Institute for Complementary Medicine and registered on the British Register of Complementary therapists in 2000.  He is a Member of the British Complementary Medicine Association and sits on the committee for Voluntary Self Regulation.


He is the senior therapist and lecturer at the Chi Clinic and school and has taught over 800 students since 1995.  He has nearly 2000 case studies to draw from and over the last 50 years has treated some 6000 individuals.


In the study that follows, regard is made that no two treatments are ever the same.  Every case is different and the same person will often have different treatment on subsequent visits.  The often dramatic recoveries are not solely due to the methods but to the application.  No one system will ever work on all persons.  The highest degree of success is in the multiplicity of skills that may be exercised by a properly trained therapist who is free to use intuition, placebo, manual skills and the psychology of healing.


A criteria of effectiveness that attempts to isolate a method of therapy will fail to explore the full effect of the whole treatment.  It is well known to CAM practitioners that multiple therapy skills are most effective.


We are encouraged by the comments within the Select Committee 6th report clause 3.32, 4.37 and 4.40.

3.32 If a treatment makes people feel better, whether that be through treatment specific effects or the placebo effect, then it could be considered as being worthwhile. In fact, as the placebo effect is not just an imagined experience but can positively improve objective biological measures of health, then a treatment which enhanced such an effect could even be considered worth attaining in its own right. As well as stressing the need to prove treatment-specific effects Professor Patrick Bateson, giving evidence with Professor Tom Meade for the Royal Society, acknowledged that sometimes the placebo effect may be worth attaining in its own right.

4.37 In terms of research funding for therapies without a scientifically plausible mechanism of action, it seems that opinion within the world of conventional medicine is very divided. However, we recommend that if a therapy whose mechanism of action is unclear does gain sufficient evidence to support its efficacy, then the NHS and the medical profession should ensure that the public have access to it and its potential benefits.


4.40 It is our opinion that as long as the treatments are known to carry no, or few, adverse effects, it would be against the principle of clinical freedom[33] to prevent patients from having access to therapies which fulfil these criteria and have never been restricted. This is especially the case if the patients believe that such therapies help them and the only argument against them is that an adequate evidence base, derived from controlled trials, does not exist. It is also our opinion that mechanisms of action are of secondary importance to efficacy, a view shared by NICE (Q 1833). We also believe that the principle of clinical freedom should allow therapy with any credible evidence of efficacy the opportunity of validation by further research and the possibility of NHS provision. Any medicine with credible, accepted evidence for efficacy should be available, whatever the controversy over its underlying mechanisms.

Note 33 By "the principle of clinical freedom" we mean the ability of a medical practitioner to exercise freedom of choice in preventing, diagnosing and treating disease within the limits of his or her clinical competence, having regard solely to the welfare and well-being of the individual, and casting all other considerations aside

11th April 2008

* To be attuned is a phenomena known to Reiki practitioners.  It is a practice that has existed for thousands of years where knowledge is passed psychically through touch.






In this short study, all patients and clients taking part were asked to complete identical forms to show how each was received, their first impressions of the Chi Clinic and what happened.  Each was invited to give unreserved comments and to have the replies endorsed by a partner or friend.


Several studies are offered here but quite simply, there are too many to be included. Those where we have a good knowledge of the background have been selected.


It was found that in all cases the first impression was extremely favourable. What is most important, that they were made to feel welcome and that the conduct of staff and the premises demonstrated a welcoming and highly professional sense of competence.


We allow an hour and a half for a first consultation but most treatments are conducted within one hour.


We are able to offer a choice of therapist in male or female. In practice, Mr Hardiman conducts those treatments requiring diagnosis and remedial therapy and Ms Ahern, those who require acupuncture and / or holistic massage.


All forms are available for inspection at The Chi Clinic as are the case file notes.


Anecdotal evidence is the only way of deducing the effect of treatment but each case is unique. No treatment method is the same for any two people who may exhibit the same symptoms.


All of our therapists are multi-disciplined and able to draw from their training in several arts whilst treating a condition.  Often it is found that one may treat an apparent condition only to find an underlying emotional crisis at the root of the general malaise.


The Chi Clinic conducts hundreds of treatments each year and has in excess of 2,500 registered patient / clients.  Our two treatment rooms are comfortably furnished and our uniform is track suit bottoms and white or blue Polo shirt.  No ‘White coats’ are ever seen here.


An all round treatment regime is offered with rehabilitation exercises, Tai Chi, Chi Kung (Qigong) Martial arts and meditation to complement the holistic after care and recovery.


The following extracts are taken from the responses and edited to exclude identification factors.  All have given unconditional release of the material in this form.  Each is verbatim, signed and recorded in hard paper form. These forms are open to inspection and other letters may be found on the parent site under ‘Testimonials’.


Anecdotal and case study examples for this site are welcomed from our students and clients and will be vetted for suitability before publishing.



Tony Hardiman  MBCMA, MBRCP(Oriental Medicine)   11th April 2008


‘ A rationalist may say’ If it works, prove it.  A Daoist may say ‘If it works, why try to prove it.  The evidence is there for all to see’ Move on and help another. T



This link is to the UK Parliament pages for the Select Committee for Science and Technology Sixth report.


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