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Each letter was unsolicited and is on file in our offices. 

These are verbatim retypes of a few of the letters that have been received at The Chi Clinic prior to the commencement of the current study.


Letter 1


I had been suffering with vasculitis in my feet and ankles since January 2006.  This is an extremely painful condition caused by inflammation of the veins and nerves.  Having been told by my consultant that there was nothing that could be done, other than going on a mild form of chemotherapy the only other option appeared to be taking very powerful prescription pain killers.


I was unable to work and could only hobble a few steps across the room.  If it had not been for my daily medication I think that I would have become very depressed.


A friend told me about Tony and after my first session with him I was jumping up and down barefoot and running around his consulting room.  The pain gradually diminished and by the fourth session with him I had practically cut out all pain killers.


I told my GP and my consultant about this amazing treatment, of which they knew nothing, but were pleased that I had recovered.  My consultant made a note in his files but unless clinical trials take place the medical profession is unable to recommend such treatments.


It is very important that we inform as many people as possible of Tony’s work so that eventually, the medical profession will have to take notice of such a powerful healing technique.


Mrs J.D 5th January 07


Letter 2


My family and I have been attending The Chi Clinic for the last 4 years after a recommendation by a friend.  My eldest son, at the time had been in and out of hospital for three months and had finally been discharged on the understanding that we visited a psychiatrist twice a week.  After a vist to the psychiatrist on a Friday we were advised to go swimming to help my son’s condition.


This proved a disaster and my son almost drowned.  The Monday morning arrived and he could not walk.  This is when I decided to try The Chi Clinic.  I understood that Monday was a closed day and with this in mind I camped out on the doorstep.


Seeing a lady in the shop, Vicky, I explained my son’s condition and she immediately took us in.  That was at 9.30 and my son could not walk upright or unaided.  We left at 12.30 and he was a different child.  It was very moving to see.


Mr Hardiman explained everything he was doing.  I can honestly say that without his help my family would not be together today.


I can honestly say that I have always found Tony and Vicky both professional in their approach.  All my family have attended the Clinic on several occasions for different ailments and the treatment has been exceptional.  With this in mind, if anyone is suffering then I recommend them to The Chi Clinic without hesitation.


Mrs J.D.


Letter 3


I cannot begin to thank you for what you have done for me today.  It feels as if you have waved a magic wand and all the pain has completely disappeared.  I am walking again with good posture and speed, something which I had lost and I feel reborn.


I am a tough old bird and as you know, have had a long history of operations and problems.  You have made me feel like a new woman and wiped fifteen years off my age!


After all the pain and problems that I had I never thought that I would be able to sit comfortably again and I am writing this to you sitting on a hard chair and it is great.  I still feel very emotional about the whole experience and immense gratitude for your introduction to a whole new world.


S….. has long since spoken of you very highly and I now wish that I had not trusted the conventional route for so long. Nobody has done as much to help me and I will be eternally grateful to you and I hope that you won’t mind if I recommend some of my ailing friends to you.


Mrs A.S

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